Selected: OFF – Architects meet in Fuoribiennale


Architects meet in Fuoribiennale_OFF

6-6-14 one day talk+party
Palazzo Widmann – Calle Widmann, 30121 Cannaregio, Venice


During the opening days of XIV Biennale di Architettura, in Venice the event “Architects meet in Fuoribiennale_OFF” proposes a reflection on the Architecture of the next 5 years, trying to answer to the following questions:

Good architecture needs to rediscover fundamentals or, instead, it should look for his radical vocation which is always outside the traced boundaries?

Is it possible to build a mosaic, even if contradictory but surely vital, that describes some possible routes for the next future?

6th June 2014 (from 10.30am to 9pm): in Venice, at Palazzo Widmann, the event will consist of three parts

Words (2.30pm – 9pm): in order to answer to the previous questions we’ve called some of the most interesting architects and critics: Peter Cook #tweaking, Patrik Schumacher #freemarketurbanism, Aaron Betsky #experimentation, Hani Rashid #fitness, Benedetta Tagliabue #blendingexperimentation, Nanne de Ru #utopia, Hans Ibelings #margin, Sophie Lovell #slow, William Menking #work, Dagmar Richter #experimentation, Carlo Ratti #livingarchitecture, Lola Sheppard #adaptation, Lucy Bullivant #frameworks, Indira van’t Klooster #reactivate, Ilaria Mazzoleni #resilience, Alessandro Melis #soil, Marco Poletto e Claudia Pasquero #collectiveintelligence. They will choose a key word for the architecture of the next future and they’ll illustrate it in a 15 minutes lecture during the one-day-talk.

Interviews (10.30am – 9pm): a parallel event where some young international firms – selected for their approach outside the star system – will tell to the PresS/TInternational’s video cameras their point of view about contemporary architectur: Heriund/Sally (Austria), Gras (Spain), Komitu (Finland), WWAA (Poland), March Studio (Australia), Tryptyque (Brazil), Elli (Spain), Arturo Tedeschi (Italy), Hochenjos (USA), Mc Bride/Ryan (Australia), Gracias Studio (Mexico), Joho Architecture (Khorea), Nicholas Burns (China-Australia), Tacha (Thailand), Aldo Sollazzo (Italy), Mef (Netherlands), Urban Recycle Architecture (Brazil), Fornasari (Italy), Soil (USA), Lan (France), Massimiliano Ercolani (Italy), Oplà (Italy), Enote (Slovenia), Costa Fierros Studio (Spain), Saunders (Norway), Crilo (Italy), Rio Frio Navarro (Peru), Raum (Serbia), Emmanuelle Moreaux (Japan), Anagram (India), MI5 (Spain), Alphaville (Japan), Salto (Bulgaria), Tectoniques (France).

Awarding Ceremony (10.30am – 1pm + ceremony at 9pm): the finalists of two Italian contest – launched by presS/Tletter_ AIAC and professioneArchitetto – focused on under 35 talents (Young Italian Architects 3rd edition and Young Critics 5th edition) will present their work and receive a special award. In this occasion the editorial staff of Library TransArchitettura deliver “Prize for the theory of Architecture” to one of the ten finalists of the Young Critics 2014, which will consist of formal commitment to draw, along with the winner, a path capable of reaching the drafting and subsequent publication of a pamphlet inspired by the award-winning essay.

At the end of the one-day-talk there will be a party, from 9.30pm to 11.30pm.

The entrance is free, while seats last. To ensure your seat please send an email to:

The party is by invitation only.

Location: Palazzo Widmann – Calle Widmann, 30121 Cannaregio, Venice


More info about previous editions of “Architects meet in Fuoribiennale”:
Architects meet in Fuoribiennale 2012
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Organization: AIAC – Associazione Italiana di Architetttura e Critica_pressT/Factory
Partner: Studio Angelo Costa

Sponsored by: Oikos – color and material for sustainable architecture

AIAC – Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica


Roberta Melasecca
tel. +39 349 4945612


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